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in profitability levels by 2035.

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of companies have incorporated AI in their processes.

Discover how our innovative technology provides a complete and multidimensional diagnostic. Our solution will reveal the true potential of your company in artificial intelligence, delivering a clear vision of your strengths, opportunities for improvement, and the path towards a successful adoption of AI.

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Experience the power of AIJourney, the realiable and accurate assessment system to optimize your AI strategies.

Multidimensional model.

We understand that a truly effective assessment goes beyond technology. Our model covers seven dimensions that are key to boosting AI maturity in your company.

Transversal model.

We value the participation of collaborators at all levels within your organization, because we understand that a successful AI evaluation requires the holistic and collaborative perspective of all team members.

Exclusive AI-based engine.

Assess your AI maturity level, receive personalized recommendations and a roadmap for growing your organization.

Our patent.

The patenting process for our AI maturity model reflects our commitment to continuous innovation and safeguarding a unique solution, backed by extensive research and development. We want to make sure our revolutionary technology stays cutting edge and uniquely yours, providing you an unbeatable competitive advantage on your journey to AI excellence.

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Transform your business with AIJourney: comprehensive evaluation on 7 key dimensions, personalized recommendations, and competitive leadership in AI.

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Our founding team is comprised of passionate professionals with vast experience in AI solutions.

Our founders have led numerous projects and have collaborated with various companies to drive successful adoption of AI solutions. Their knowledge and experience in this ever-evolving field allo us to offer a reliable and results-oriented approach to assess and improve the level of AI maturity in your organization.

We are committed to accompanying you at every step of your journey towards AI excellence, ensuring you get the most value from our solutions and achieve extraordinary results.


Master in Business Management. More than 20 years of experience not only in the field of data science and advanced analytics in IT and technology companies, but also in research, development and entrepreunership.

PhD in Engineering Sciences. Vast experience as founding partner and manager of companies dedicated to digital solutions, both for public and private organizations.

PhD candidate in Computer Engineering with specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Has extensive experience as director and founder of companies devoted to the providing solutions based on advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.


At AIJourney, excellence is a constant pursuit. To ensure that our assessment model is accurate and up to date, we have a team of highly trained experts in each of the key dimensions. These specialist, with extensive experience in technology, strategy, tactics, organizational culture, information security, ethics, and data governance, are dedicated to continually reviewing, improving and updating our underlying knowledge. Their role is crucial, as it ensures our assessment approach reflects the latest trends and challenges in the field of artificial intelligence.


We are proud to have a diverse set of leading companies and partners in the AI industry who have trusted AIJourney as their strategic ally. Our network of world-class partners bring extensive AI expertise and experience, enriching our platform and delivering exceptional value to our clients.


AIJourney has received endorsement and recognition from leading institutions and sponsors, consolidating our position as a leader in the artificial intelligence industry.

These endorsements propel us forward, working hard to bring you cutting-edge solutions that enable you to succeed in AI adoption.

Together we are driving innovation, setting new standards, and strengthening the responsible adoption of AI around the world.

Join our ecosystem of partners and discover how we can take your company to new frontiers of success in artificial intelligence.

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